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Highly-Vetted Opportunities

Brick & Mortar Projects

15%+ Target Annual Returns

You've invested in Wall Street, but what about your street?

Every good investor wants to build a diversified portfolio that spreads risks, maximizes returns, and dampens volatility. To achieve this, many start by investing in…

  • Index funds
  • Individual stocks
  • Government bonds
  • Cryptocurrency

While each of these comes with its own risks and rewards, none of them gives your money the potential to earn 15%+ target annual returns without leaving your hometown

At Vicinity, we value sound investments and tangible growth. That’s why we closely screen opportunities that are not only aimed at the success of its investors but also at the betterment of a community.

Invest local through Vicinity

Invest Where You Live

Feel good about where your money is going. Build your local community or join an endeavor you’re excited about elsewhere in the Upstate of South Carolina.

Diversify with Real Estate

Mitigate risk and enjoy higher potential returns by investing in brick-and-mortar projects you can drive by — places your community will go to eat, shop, live, work, and play.*

Relax for a Change

Vetting opportunities is what we do best. Vicinity hosts less than 5% of issuer prospects as we aim for each offering to provide clear, compelling, and compliant offerings to investors.

*Vicinity currently has a 100% funding success rate for launched offerings. However, as with any alternative investments, we cannot 100% guarantee your returns. Alternative investing carries risks that you need to review, including the possibility of total loss of your investment.

Available Opportunities

Greenville, SC
Building a new state-of-the-art premier entertainment venue, strategically targeting the ascending breakout city of Greenville, SC. Founded by a co-creator of House of Blues.


Investment Offerings Facilitated


Project Funding Success


Target Annual Returns

Discover investments with potential and purpose.

Regulation Crowdfunding allows any investor to be part of a growing company or project. By choosing one of Vicinity’s local investment opportunities, you can…

  • Be an early investor with as little as $1,000.*

  • Support local development and help create more jobs

  • Build a stronger, better community

  • Make money as companies succeed

With revenue sharing via Regulation Crowdfunding, the profitability of an investment is based upon the gross income of the business or project and the percentage of revenue the owner has agreed to distribute to investors each quarter. The more an investor contributes, the more profit he or she stands to receive if the business succeeds.

*The amount you invest depends on what you deem wise for your financial situation and the opportunity in front of you. As with any investment, do not to invest more than you can afford to lose since no investment is guaranteed.

A vibrant market is at its best when it works for everyone. 


Move from passing spectator to local investor

Build your investment portfolio while supporting small businesses and community projects in the Upstate of South Carolina.

1. Explore Opportunities

Choose from opportunities that have passed our intensive vetting process.

2. Invest within Minutes

Set up your account and start investing in the community projects and businesses of your choice. (It’s that simple!)

3. Receive Updates & Earnings

Enjoy the satisfaction of investing in the local economy as you unlock the potential for passive income and cheer your project’s growth!

Do well while doing good

Highly-Vetted Opportunities

Less than 5% of owners clear our screening process. Our goal is to find success stories in the making for you to be a part of.

Brick & Mortar Projects

Watch your investments grow from the ground up - literally! We curate local real estate investment opportunities, so you can drive by and see your money at work if you’d like!

Market-Beating Returns*

Grow your investment portfolio and the local economy. Support local owners & startups in the Southeast as you join other investors with 15%+ target returns on investment.