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You can see the potential. Now you can be part of it.

Community investments, brought directly to you.

  • Seamlessly invest and keep up with your portfolio
  • Invest as an individual, an entity, or through a self-directed IRA
  • Easily see and track all of your investments

Available Opportunities

Trade Street Social

           Greer, SC

An owner-occupied development project in the heart of downtown Greer. It will serve as a multi-purpose entertainment venue promoting community and designed to attract locals and tourists alike.


           Greenville, SC

Building a new state-of-the-art premier entertainment venue, strategically targeting the ascending breakout city of Greenville, SC. Founded by a co-creator of House of Blues.

Why local?

  • Invest in what you know often means where you know
  • Take part in building the future of your community
  • Gain trust and transparency because you can actually see it

Why middle market?

  • Historically higher cap rates compared to primary market counterparts
  • Institutional money has saturated major metros
  • Population growth favors secondary and tertiary markets


Invest Directly

Select vetted real estate deals

  • With low minimum investments and a variety of structures (equity or debt)
  • Using tools and transparency no longer limited to institutional investors (the "big guys")
  • Alongside local real estate professionals and other community members