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With Vicinity, you can create a local portfolio built on a foundation of community real estate.

We're opening access to local private investing.

  • Seamlessly invest and manage your portfolio
  • Invest individually, as an entity, or through tax-advantaged SDIRAs
  • Gain visibility and tracking for all of your investments

Invest Directly

Select individual, highly-vetted middle market real estate deals

  • With low minimums and flexible structures (equity, preferred, debt)
  • Using tools and transparency no longer restricted to institutional investors
  • Alongside local real estate professionals and other community members

Why middle market?

  • Historically higher capitalization rates compared to primary market counterparts
  • Institutional money has saturated major metros
  • Population growth favors secondary and tertiary markets


Why local?

Invest in the future of your community.

“...every dollar that moves from a nonlocal to local business in a community generates two to four times the income boost...the jobs...the local taxes, and...the charitable contributions."

SOURCES: Shuman, Michael. The Local Economy Solution. Vermont, Chelsea Green, 2015