There’s nothing like the Upstate highlands. A green canopy of trees covers the Appalachian slopes like a blanket over the body of an old warrior. ‘Tis a noble region besieged by Big Business and Corporate America. But no more. Communities are rallying around a war cry:

“They may take our downtowns, but they’ll never take our hearts!”

And the chants of, “Go Local! Go Local!” Breakout from the crowds.

That’s what real pride of place looks like. Can you imagine a modern day William Wallace as a businessman? Talk about a lively boardroom meeting! But wait–he’s for the common man—so we’d actually probably be rallying around a water cooler somewhere.

“Let’s invest local!” he’d cry, and we’d all join in the raucous.

But for all of America’s interest in going local and supporting local businesses, there’s a disconnect in how we do it. Most people think it ends with shopping at local groceries or eating at restaurants, but that’s simply not true. In modern America, you can invest local too. 

With Reg CF investors can buy into the vision of local entrepreneurs through their equity, loan or revenue share campaigns.

You might ask, “But why go local, whether that’s shopping or investing?”

Great question. We’ve distilled it to 5 simple ideas:

1. The Multiplier Effect

This phrase is being used more frequently to describe how buying local makes 3x the local economic impact as buying at a big chain would. 

2. Cultivate local entrepreneurship 

We all have ideas and dreams. If a small business owner is “going for it” shopping and investing allows you to come alongside them and support their efforts. Efforts that are making your own backyard better. This just further cements the idea of pride of place.

3. Embrace your community’s “weird”

I’ve been asked that before: what’s your weird? While it’s a fun question on an individual level, it can apply to communities too. Austin, TX might have coined the term “Keep Austin Weird,” but every place has its own character and we pride ourselves on the uniqueness of where we live. Scotland might not be everybody’s dream destination, but William Wallace laid down his life for that land.

4. Create local jobs

Newton’s third law of motion comes into play here: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every time you buy, there is an effect. And when you buy local, you’re creating an equal response effect that helps stimulate your local economy

5. Nurture the “Who Economy” 

This goes hand-in-hand with #4 because in the end we’re people helping people. Together, we’re stronger. And rather than be a number, let’s be a face and a story. Take advantage of a business owner’s personableness and get to know them. After all, transparency builds trust.

Going local is something most people are gung-ho about, and the reasons for doing so are more powerful now than ever. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and we can’t turn our backs on them. Just like William Wallace proudly fought for what he believed in, modern day heroes who are passionate about their communities can too.

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