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Gain access as stakeholders and lenders to investments in your community.

We Believe

  • Communities that invest internally, are healthier and more resilient. We want to empower local economies by connecting business with people. Vicinity is where financial capital meets social capital.
  • Strength is built by bearing weight. Our communities strengthen as we lift each other up. We are asking that just 1/3 of investments be to your own town or state.
  • Local beats distant. Distance promotes generic, dehumanized, transactional selections. Vicinity cultivates unique, accountable, relational decisions. Trust outpaces algorithms.
  • Value is personal. Financial returns are one part, but we are bringing real people and real owners back to investing.
  • Transparency builds trust. We support data-backed decisions on investments you can understand.

Why are we called "Vicinity?"

Vicinity: Definition - the area near or surrounding a particular place. Proximity in space or relationship. Etymology: from Latin vicinitas, from vicinus "neighbor".

We're rewriting the playbook on investing and economic growth. We think that sometimes the quest to “make our dent in the universe” passes by something much cooler and more relevant- making a real, immediate, and lasting impact right where we live. Using our hard-earned dollars to help businesses better serve their community and developers build what our cities need seems to us like a fantastic way to improve our universe.

The foundation of our business is trust. Where commerce is broken, we want to help bring things back together. Business should encourage solidarity, stability, resilience, cohesion, rootedness, and trust. We want to ditch detached, abstract interactions and focus on the humans that technology and business are meant to serve; with a lot of extra love to those in our vicinity.


Wilson Hunter

Wilson is a founder in multiple early stage technology ventures and is interested in facilitating business and real estate offerings in the southeast. Wilson is a serial connector and experienced fundraising strategist in venture capital, private equity, and real estate.

Gallup® Strengths:

Ideation, Command, Strategic, Learner, Futuristic

John Crawford

John has started ventures across a variety of industries with direct experience in sales, marketing, executive leadership, and strategic planning. John is mission-oriented, a published author, and a strengths facilitator.

Gallup® Strengths:

Belief, Self-Assurance, Strategic, Focus, Achiever

Josh Rollins

Josh is passionate about co-creating funding solutions with developers and business owners and empowering communities through local investing alternatives. Josh is experienced in debt and equity capital raises, investment due diligence, web development strategy, and business intelligence.


Gallup® Strengths:

Futuristic, Learner, Belief, Relator, Achiever

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