What is it?

The Form C is the required SEC filing for any company looking to raise capital through Regulation CF. It needs to be filed before your campaign can go live and before any advertising about your offering takes place.

As a potential investor, the Form C is a tool to evaluate the main points of an offering. Put yourself in their shoes – they need to understand the background of your company, the risks of investing in it, and how you plan to use the funds raised. The Form C provides a starting place for investors to learn about you.

What information is needed?

Most of the information is pretty straightforward. Here is a quick outline of what you need to prepare:

  • Basic company information and legal status
  • Info about the intermediary you are using (Vicinity’s identifying information, for example)
  • Details about the securities offered (e.g. type, amount, deadline)
  • Financial overview (e.g. assets, debt, income) from the last two fiscal years (as applicable)
  • All U.S. jurisdictions you intend to offer securities (can be “all” or select states/territories)

How do I file?

This part is really easy. Once we have all the information from you, we will be able to file on your behalf.

What’s next?

Let’s get ready to go live! Building your campaign page on our site will vividly paint the picture of what your company is about, who is behind it, and why you are raising money. This is also the place for the disclosures and risks we need to make to fairly and accurately present your offering. Send us an email to learn more and ask about our Issuer Playbook.