Building a portfolio of private investments can feel like sailing out on uncharted waters. “I’m not a financial planner” you might say, why would I trust myself to build a portfolio of individual stonks? Great question, you responsible investor you. Before you go all out sailing the 4 investing seas, Captain Malcolm is here to give you the investing equivalent of a beach entry pool access: $100 min investments + a variety of local options.

A couple of things to keep in mind as you wade in: First, private placements aren’t like building a public index, where stock prices are subject to the input and psychology of millions around the world. Local microinvesting is much more personal and sits independent from constant buying and selling. Understanding and predicting that incessant trading can be overwhelming and seems “better left to the professionals” …or algorithms. 

The disconnect here is that you don’t need a string of letters behind your name to know which private companies to buy. Because when the investing dust settles, buying local private companies has very little to do with financial market analysis and stock trading expertise. Investing through Vicinity has everything to do with business fundamentals, knowledge of the people running the show, and an insight into the place where you both live.

Second, this is new so you may have a lot of questions. Ask them! Seriously – sometimes we’re not as brilliantly eloquent as we think, so your feedback helps us serve up better explanations and visuals on the platform. On deal-specific questions, you have direct access to company owners in the Q&A section of their offering page.

When COVID hit, were you curious how companies like GM planned to adapt their plants and manufacturing? Ever wondered why Apple posted a loss even though sales are up? Rather than listening to hours of shareholder meetings, hoping someone asks your question, you can go straight to the source!  

Finally, just because these investments are private doesn’t mean they have to be a secret! Talking campaigns over with your friends will give you other perspectives on the deals you’re looking at, and of course, give the companies you love the best chance at a successful campaign. Local microinvesting is a team sport where you not only get to pick your team, but you can boost your chances of winning by adding talent from your city, all. season. long. Get social, get vocal, and let your friends know they can join the private (investing) party.