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Available Opportunities

Successfully Funded

HUBB Kitchens
Raleigh, NC
H.U.B.B. Kitchens (Helping Underserved Beginning Businesses) is a series of "Ghost Kitchens" designed to help new and growing food businesses navigate the world of delivery-first consumer demand.
North Cove Leisure Club
McDowell County, NC
The North Cove Leisure Club is an outdoor recreation & event center in rural Appalachia. We're transforming old golf greens into a world-class disc golf course, with nature activities for all.
Grain Dealers
Dunn, NC
We are seeking to develop a mid sized brewery, restaurant, and event space in Dunn, NC that will give residents local real estate ownership as well as a place to eat and drink with friends and family.
The Albemarle Hotel
Albemarle, NC
Bringing a Historic Hotel back to life while meeting a market demand for modern housing.

Real Investments. Local Heros.

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