Some of our most common feedback responses were deal-specific questions about the terms, structure & potential returns of an offering. It’s easy for us (Vicinity) to get too close to an offering and forget everyone doesn’t spend their days and nights meticulously calculating revenue share payments or crafting elegant equity agreements. 

While none of this is rocket science, thanks for the reminder to give our campaigns a little social distance and think about what it’s like to see them for the first time.

We’re taking a step back to make investment details on the platform a little more “love at first sight” and a lot less “What The Funding portal does that mean?” Keep an eye out for a couple tweaks that should make investments on Vicinity even easier to understand.

It’s not all about us though, some of your awesome questions just need to be addressed by the business owners. We won’t bore you with the regulatory details, but let’s just say our lips are tied when it comes to answering deal-specific questions. (yes it’s as painful as it sounds). Thankfully, there’s a place you can get answers all your questions directly from the businesses. Just mosey on over the Q&A Section and ask away!  

While we try to showcase the aspects of each business that investors are usually most interested in, we can’t cover everything. So until we fully develop our mind-reading skills, the Q&A is designed to get you answers quickly about the things you care most about.

Don’t be shy about asking, either, because not only would the companies raising on Vicinity be happy to answer your questions but as we all learned freshman year if you have a question, chances are, somebody else has the same one. So speak up to help you and your neighbors get the answers y’all are looking for.