Testing testing…

Two new testing the waters campaigns are live on Vicinity! With interest building in both of these deals, let’s recap what “testing the waters” means.

Think of it as a first look. The owners are able to present their plan, pro forma, and target terms and you are able to start getting to know the deal in anticipation of investing.

You have the opportunity to ask questions, reserve your spot, and even interact directly with the owners; and while you are getting a peak at what’s coming soon, the owners are relying on potential investors’ feedback and IOIs(Indications of Interest) to gauge interest in what they are building.

On the other side of an SEC filing, the offering is officially open and accepting checks. Once the issuer collects enough interest and feedback, the offering will go live and investors can officially buy securities in the company or real estate project. During a live offering, investors who have created an account with Vicinity will have access to sign all the necessary investment docs and place their investment with the click of a button.

So take our new testing the waters campaigns out on the town and let’s see if we can create something new in our communities.