This week we’ve got buildings on the brain. Private real estate investing is hardly a new arena, but the rise of Crowdinvesting has CRE developers and investors feeling a little FOMO. Never fear, the Vicinity team is here to explain where Regulation CF fits into the world. TBH we haven’t been this excited about a collab since Aerosmith & Run DMC.

So if you’ll walk this way, we’ll share what Vicinity does for investors and developers looking to leverage these new(ish) regulations.

For Developers:

Capital – This might be obvious, but you can find the capital you need, leveraging the network that knows you best.

Community – Have support from the community where you’re developing as built-in brand ambassadors for your project.

Compliance – You want to stay on the right side of the regulators. We help you stay compliant so you can keep the fun in funding.

Communication – Keeping your investors in the loop includes everything from performance reporting and key notices to sending investor distributions. We handle all that so you can stay focused on development and your investors can stay happy. (and follow you to your next deal)

For Investors:

Area – Place private investments that you really understand because they’re right where you live! 

Army – Invest in projects that have the buy-in of people around the community.

Assets – Add a new asset class to your portfolio as you build your very own local index.

Access – Every deal is open to everyone in the community. Plus, you can access custom reporting and visibility into your investments that didn’t exist before.

The takeaway? With CRE + Crowdinvesting deals, Vicinity has your back regardless of which side you find yourself on. Seamless, local, online investing is kinda our thing. Invest local, raise local, and let’s build stronger communities together.